How to choose children's fence

- Aug 02, 2019-

Children's fences are also called children's playpens, playpens and children's guardrails, safety guardrails, etc. The current children's fences on the market are mainly made of plastic and wood materials. The main role is to liberate the mother's hands and provide a safe and comfortable environment for 6 months to 3 years old baby. The use of children's fences helps to develop a baby's sense of independence, thinking ability and concentration, while providing a good venue for the baby's physical coordination.

1. Look at the design.

The interactive window should be designed so that the baby is not stuck while interacting. The height of the fence should be scientific to prevent the baby from turning out of the fence, but not to obstruct his view.

2. Look at the materials.

When selecting a fence, pay attention to whether the material is a food-grade safety material that has been tested by authority.

3. Whether the color is single or how the color is matched.

Colorful colors not only strengthen your child's cognitive ability, improve memory, but also make your baby's mentality and mood more positive and optimistic.

4. Important details.

Whether there is a burr on the edge of the fence; whether the fence interface is easy to loose; whether the thickness and hardness of the fence are appropriate.