Large slide safety knowledge

- Jul 18, 2019-

The slide has a number of functions, which can exercise the baby's ability to climb and other sports, and help stimulate the development of the vestibular system, but its danger can not be ignored. For example, the cushioning mats laid under the slides are not up to standard, and the baby is injured when the baby slides down due to too much impact on the ground; or the children are rushing, pushing and falling from a height.

Here are some tips for using children's slides:

1. It is very important to slide large slides to make safety protection measures;

2. When large slides are not allowed to be pushed and rushed, they must be lined up to observe order and pay attention to safety;

3. During the use of the slide, it is forbidden to slide down the edge of the slide armrest, and it is forbidden to reverse the slide, cross the safety guardrail or hang it outside the guardrail;

4. All users must consciously care for and supervise public health, and must not let the skin and debris be thrown anywhere.

5. All users must consciously take care of the amusement facilities, and must not smear, sculpt, or insult on the walls and amusement facilities to damage the public property;

6. It is strictly forbidden to move, disassemble and loosen the instrument parts without authorization;

7. Please use the rides correctly. Do not use if the facility is faulty, damaged or the equipment is wet or slippery.

8. Infirm or children should not be used by one person alone, and should be accompanied by family members or others to prevent accidents;

9. Before you use it, please check whether the connection of each part of the equipment is firm, and confirm that it is not loose before use.

10. Please use the large slide correctly. Do not use if the facility is faulty, damaged or the equipment is wet or slippery.

Although the large slides are fun, you should pay attention to safety when playing.