One month baby toy

- Nov 29, 2019-

Playing is a child's nature, and toys are a tool that reflects the child's nature. It is the child's first textbook, an important way for children to understand the world, and the material basis of play. Toys can promote children's fine movements and language development, improve children's attention, observation, and cognitive ability, develop their imagination and thinking ability, cultivate the good quality of children's mutual love and care for public goods, and cultivate happiness The emotions and feelings of beauty stimulate their vision, hearing and touch, enhance their curiosity and curiosity, and promote the development of children's intelligence. With an interesting toy, it is possible to sow the seeds of creation and invention in the young minds of children, so that they will embark on the road of love of science.

The eyes of a newly born baby are usually closed for a moment, except for the occasional open moment. For a while, his eyes are opened for a longer time. He is usually surrounded by brightly colored, contrasting structures or Attracted by shape. Within a month, he could see about 8-10 inches. 

Here are some types of toys you can choose for your child:

1. Some rubber toys or lighter small licking toys can be selected by pinching.

2. Choose hanging toys with bright colors, pleasant sounds, and beautiful shapes that can be seen and heard, such as: colorful balloons, blowing dolls and small animals, colorful flags, small lanterns, colorful inflatable toys, rattles , Rattles, etc. Note that the baby's line of sight is within 3 meters at this time, and it should be hung on the bedside and around the baby's bed and replaced every 4 days.

3. At this time, the baby needs a warm mother's love and a sense of security. You can choose some soft toys with a soft feel, simple shapes and a large volume. Keep it near the baby or on the bed.

4. When the baby shows interest in the surrounding environment, choose some toys with bright colors, rich patterns, easy to grip, and can emit different sounds, such as rattle, alarm bar, small alarm clock, music box, and pinch plastic Toys, colorful socks and scarves.