Plastic slide features

- Jul 17, 2019-

The slide is a kind of fitness and entertainment. It is a new type of children's playground with a variety of shapes and shapes according to children's interests and hobbies.

It is designed for children's active movements, like drilling, climbing, sliding, etc. The design is ingenious, the color is harmonious and colorful, the entertainment is strong, the function is complete, the quality is reliable, attracting children to play, play, and is beneficial to children. Independent character formation can also promote the feelings between children.

The plastic slides are all connected by fasteners. There are no sharp objects on the surface. Each part has multiple models and multiple colors. It can also be customized according to customers' needs.

Plastic slides are colorful, not easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, light-resistant, aging-resistant, crack-proof, safe and durable in structure. The ingenious combination of various components of plastic slides brings safety, joy and liveliness to children.