Structure function of the bookshelf

- Aug 01, 2019-

Usually the bookshelf is divided into a single-sided bookcase and a double-sided bookcase The bookshelf can be connected infinitely according to the frame. The school's book shelves are generally divided into 6 layers, of course, according to the situation can also be 4 layers and 5 layers, the conventional specifications each frame is 900-1000 width, single-sided bookshelf 250-350 depth, height is about 2000mm. The structure and function of the bookshelf:

1. The chassis is generally a segmented combination with docking and interchangeability.

2. Section, height, width, number of layers and number of groups can be selected according to customer needs.

3. Powder: electrostatic powder spray, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless.

4. The bookshelf is a frame structure: it consists of a bottom seat, a column, a shelf, a hanging board, a top board, a side guard board, and a book block.

5. The support plate of the shelf and the buckle hook is stable and firm after the stacking, and the spacing between the layers and the layer can be freely adjusted as needed. Each shelf has a uniform load bearing capacity of 40kg on one side and 80kg on both sides. If you need to increase the load. Can be specially designed.

6. The welded part is welded with high standard and the surface is smooth and smooth.

7. According to the latest regulations of the National Archives on the A4 paper standard, in order to bring the standard size of the original national standard A4 paper into line with international standards, it is necessary to increase the height. This technical parameter is formulated in the national first-level file standard.