Teach children to use slides correctly

- Jul 25, 2019-

Kindergarten toy manufacturers produce products that we often see in life. Its use is more important for children, but children need to guide when using toys, so how should we proceed?

First of all, before organizing children's activities, teachers should determine the range of areas suitable for children's activities according to their age characteristics and actual conditions. Children should concentrate on playing in a certain area, which is convenient for giving care and protection. Children should be reminded not to bring toys on the slides. When they are playing on the slides, they should sit down. When they slide down, they will stand up immediately. They will not stop. The children behind will wait for the children in front to walk away. Then slide again to prevent the children from slipping the slide. At the same time, teachers should give special guidance and protection, and first explain the gameplay and precautions.

After the children have finished the slide, they should also pay attention to washing their hands and keep them clean. Every day, you should check the slides to avoid problems, accidents, etc. when the children are playing.