Things to pay attention to when children play slides

- Jul 26, 2019-

Kindergarten slides are an essential activity for many kindergartens, but because they are dangerous, children must pay attention to safety when playing. Therefore, there are some precautions for the use of slides. We should be clear.

The slides are all at a certain height. Once they fall, they are not a joke. Therefore, children must be accompanied by a teacher or a parent when playing a children's slide. If the child falls from a height in the process of playing, parents must not take the time to hug the child, should call the call in time, ask the doctor to check to prevent secondary damage to the child. Parents must also understand the things to be aware of when playing a children's slide so that they can protect the safety of children during the play.

For kindergartens, the slides should also be inspected frequently. When problems are found, timely repairs should be made to avoid accidents during use and affect our safety.