What is the concept of rocking horse?

- Jul 16, 2019-

In response to the rapidly growing demand for baby education in China, the company has teamed up with the famous Chinese infant education expert, Mr. Huang Yulin, to launch the Shakespeare Early Learning Classroom to promote Chinese wooden teaching aids with safe and environmentally friendly wooden teaching aids and industry-leading education systems. The development of the education industry. We adhere to the scientific and environmental design concept, according to the characteristics of infants and children, children's psychological and physiological growth, to cultivate the intelligence of infants and children, to develop the toys of infants and children's potential as a mission, so that children can get self-examination ability and time management while playing. All-round development of ability, athletic ability, creative ability, logical ability, coordination ability, unity and cooperation ability, which satisfies the growth potential of the development potential of infants and young children in the 0-6 age group.