What is the role of children's fences?

- Aug 03, 2019-

There are two kinds of children's fences, such as wood and plastic. Among them, the children's fence made of plastic material has become the mainstream product on the market because of its good storage performance, various styles and convenient assembly.

The children's fence is generally composed of a door bar, a game bar and a fence. They are connected by a slotted socket. The stability is mainly achieved by 4-sided stitching, and the bottom suction cup is used to assist the anti-skid.

1. Free your mother's hands. Mother can put the baby in the fence when doing housework, let the baby play in the fence, and can match some toys to make the baby more fun.

2. Protect your baby's safety. Smaller babies have no independent action and discrimination ability, and it is easy to cause a series of safety accidents due to chaos. The fence can provide a safer environment.

3. Develop baby intelligence. The baby's intelligence during the 6 months to 3 years of age is in the development stage, full of curiosity about things, playing games in the children's fence, let the baby learn to climb, sit, walk, take things, etc. can open the baby's cognitive ability well. .