Children's Slide Notes

- Aug 15, 2019-

1. Do not take a non-use registration certificate and a child slide without a safety precaution and a warning sign;

2. Before choosing a child's slide for children, be sure to carefully read the instructions for the child's slide, check whether the safety device is faulty or hidden, whether the ambulance measures are perfect, and explain and remind the child.

3. According to the child's physical condition, choose the appropriate children's slide;

4. Young children or children with fear of heights, heart disease and anemia should try not to use them;

5. During the use of children's slides, do not let children jump away, play backwards, or extend the head and hands beyond the fence;

6. Keep calm when the child slides fail, don't panic, protect the children, and notify the staff of the relevant units for maintenance.

About the knowledge of children's slides, Gao Ledi Xiaobian will introduce you here. Tips: As children are younger, parents are best to be with them when they are playing, so as to avoid accidents.