Classification Of Children's Slides

- Dec 21, 2020-

Children's slide: a kind of children's sports activity equipment, a ladder is installed on one side of the high shelf, and an oblique skateboard is installed on the other side. Children go up the ladder and slide down from the inclined board. It is a common kind of children's play equipment. At present, there are many amusement equipment companies on the market, and the real manufacturer depends on whether they have the corresponding production qualifications.

Children's slides can be divided into large-scale combined slides, medium-sized combined slides, and small combined slides according to product size. According to the material classification, it can be divided into: stainless steel slide, wooden slide, Children Plastic Slides, glass steel slide, etc.

Divided by the place of use: indoor slides, outdoor children's slides, water slides, etc.

The current new-style children’s slide integrates fitness and entertainment. It is a new and highly comprehensive children’s playground that is carefully designed in various styles according to the children’s interests and hobbies. It is designed for the characteristics of children like drilling, climbing, sliding, etc., with bright colors, strong entertainment, complete functions and reliable quality. The complete set of amusement equipment facilities usually includes doors, bridges, slides, tops, ladders, handrails, decks, columns, slides, climbing pipes, and rope nets; all kindergarten slides are connected by fasteners, and there are no sharp objects on the surface. Each component has multiple models and multiple color options; it can also be customized and produced according to customer needs. A good slide is not easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, sun-resistant, aging-resistant, anti-cracking, and has a safe and durable structure. The combined slide is ingeniously designed, the colors are harmoniously matched, and the various plastic parts are ingeniously combined. The children's amusement equipment brings the children a feeling of safety, joy and liveliness.

The children's slide series are designed by unique and ever-changing game designs, enabling playground builders, kindergartens, and communities to create unlimited joy and attraction in a limited space. The styles are fashionable, generous and high-end.