How To Choose A Children's Slide

- Aug 12, 2019-

We choose children's slides. We generally consider four aspects: whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the product quality is guaranteed, whether it can be freely combined, and whether the materials are environmentally friendly.

1, appearance

For children, the beautiful appearance of rich colors can attract children to play, and the rich color matching helps to cultivate children's awareness of color and aesthetic improvement.

2, quality

For amusement facilities, quality assurance is the first factor. Try to choose a unit with good reputation and full qualification. Through the quality certification (ISO9000-2000) units, through the environmental certification (ISO14001-2004) units, through the national mandatory safety certification (3C certification) units, through the third-party safety certification (CE certification) units The certification is to give people a certain degree of trust.

3, children's slides can be freely combined

For the children's combination slide, the connection part is alive, which can indicate which part or which part is not needed. The material is determined according to the economic input. The single-layer glass is basically the material of the elimination, the double-layer glass just slide, the engineering plastic children's slide. There are many units for importing children's slides for engineering plastics.

4, material

The selection of products must be good? Many appearances on the market are the same, but some are dull and dull, some are glamorous and bright, which is caused by different materials. The choice of steel pipes, paints and plastic pellets is related to the final quality of the products. Both the product and the aesthetics are crucial.