How To Choose A Combination Slide

- Aug 17, 2019-

1, Distinguishing the material is essential

According to the material, it is generally divided into: single-layer glass, double-layer glass just children's slide, wooden children's slide, engineering plastic children's slide, imported engineering plastic children's slide. (Currently use engineering plastics)

2. Choose a manufacturer with formal and reliable unit quality certification.

The general certification units are:

Passed the environmental certification (ISO14001-2004) unit.

Pass the quality certification (ISO9000-2000) unit.

Units that pass third-party safety certification (CE certification)

A unit that passes the National Compulsory Safety Certification (3C Certification).

3.The purchase of children's slides, quality and safety is the first, try to choose a good reputation, qualified units to buy.

4.Welfare health equipment experts once again reminded: Do not only look at prices and pictures, manufacturers are doing things with conscience, only wrong to buy, there is no wrong sale. Some merchants return home materials or sub-materials instead of raw materials or the same The amount of raw materials in the things is less, so please clean the eyes and buy carefully.