How To Design A Stainless Steel Children's Slide, You Need To Pay Attention To Three Points

- Aug 10, 2019-

Attention to design stainless steel children's slides

1, security issues

During the slide design process, all parts that can damage the child's head, hands, body, feet, etc. should be removed. The stainless steel slide is designed to give children a better and safer place to play. Once there is a place that will harm any part of the child's body, it will be disgusted by the parents and eliminated. Security is therefore considered at the time of design.

2, entertainment

The stainless steel slide is designed to attract more children to play. If there is no better entertainment, the child will not like it. Self-entertainment is reflected in many aspects, such as the speed and angle of climbing, the connection in the slide, the color, etc. are all crucial.

3, durability

A good stainless steel slide can take years or even a long time, and the ordinary design principles and materials can not be maintained at all, especially in the open air, it is easy to rust and aging. Stainless steel slides are different. Although they are easy to conduct heat, stainless steel has more than many material slides in terms of storage, safety and service life, so it is very popular among you.

In addition to the above three factors, the stainless steel slides in the scenic area should be considered in the process of design, such as high quality, high protection and safety mats, so that they can be combined to make the children like, enjoy, and rest assured. Stainless steel slide.