Pocket Box Basketball Rack Production Craft Children's Basketball Frame Size

- Aug 09, 2019-

1, The production process of the concave box basketball frame iron parts: oil removal, pickling, phosphating, grinding, polishing, electrostatic baking; children's basketball frame size

2, The basketball frame uses carbon dioxide gas shielded welding - the surface of the weld is smooth, no welding defects such as slag inclusions, bubbles and the welding effect is high;

3, Basketball frame material using national standard Q235 steel, with international double spring elastic blue circle, national standard tempered glass rebounds, SMC rebounds. The backboard is equipped with PVC protective strips - light weight, good elasticity, anti-aging, shockproof and other advantages, reducing the impact of athletes in the collision process;

4, The surface of the concave box basketball stand product is electrostatically sprayed and molded by high temperature baking at 400 degrees Celsius. Plastic powder is an outdoor powder, and the color fades slowly after 8-10 years. Odorless green materials, bright colors, not easy to change color and fade, use 8-10 years to slowly fade;

5, Hydraulic basketball hoop, imitation hydraulic basketball hoop style can safely dunk 5000~6000 times, anti-stress, strong wind resistance, beautiful and generous. (Because the bottom box is lengthened with a weight, with an elastic blue circle)