The Benefits Of Rocking Horses For Baby Bone Development

- Aug 20, 2019-

Skeletal development: We all know that there are 206 bones in adults, and a newborn baby has 305 bones. So it is usually said that after 3 months, the baby should start trying to let him exercise more, thus promoting the development of the baby's motor function. Space and props restrictions, the choice of baby sports tools encountered obstacles, a single crawling and stretching is not enough to enhance the baby's motor function development, and the value of the rocking horse is here. By letting the baby ride the horse, it can effectively help the baby to move all the bones, so that the baby's muscle tissue can be balanced and grow, thus improving the development of the baby's motor function. The bone structure of the baby grows up very reasonable and tangible. We will find that the overall skeletal structure (body) of many adult friends around us is not very well-positioned or even severely distorted. In fact, this has an absolute relationship with childhood.