What Are The Precautions For Purchasing Kindergarten Tables And Chairs?

- Aug 19, 2019-

Kindergarten tables and chairs are one of the necessary equipment for kindergartens, and they are also the most used kindergarten furniture for children. The quality of kindergarten tables and chairs is directly related to the children's physical health, affecting the child's correct posture, and even affecting the children's learning efficiency. For the health of children, kindergartens must purchase quality and qualified kindergarten tables and chairs. Here are some things to note when buying kindergarten tables and chairs:

First, safety and environmental protection are prerequisites

Kindergarten children have a weak sense of self-protection and resistance. Inferior kindergarten furniture will directly threaten their safety and health. Therefore, when purchasing kindergarten tables and chairs, kindergartens must be based on safety and environmental protection. The following factors determine the safety and environmental friendliness of kindergarten tables and chairs.

1) Is it firm and solid?

Whether the kindergarten table and chair is firm and solid not only determines its service life, but also relates to the child's personal safety. If the kindergarten tables and chairs are not solid enough, under the child's push, it is easy to break down, and even collapse may cause the child to be injured.